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Product Innovation Competition

Legaltech Product Innovation Competition

January 31, 2019 / Exhibit Show Floor / New York Hilton Midtown

Explore how innovation is transforming the legal industry!

What is the Product Innovation Competition?:

The Legaltech product Innovation competition brings together best in legal technology products and services over the past year and gives you a sneak peek (and first dibs) on test driving the future of legal technology!


Judging Criteria:

If the solution is distinctive or fundamentally different from existing products

If it enhances efficiency and/or productivity

If there is a clear market need




Meet the Judges:

Catherine Krow

Digitory Legal


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Haley Altman



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Silvia Hodges Silverstein

Buying Legal


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Richard Tromans

Tromans Consulting


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Ryan McClead

Sente Advisors


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People’s Choice Award:

Your opinion matters! Every attendee will be invited to weigh-in and collectively choose the winning product or service!

Each finalists will be invited to conduct a presentation on the Legaltech LITE stage and in addition to their booth space, each finalist will have a separate table top exhibit just for their Innovation.

Award Ceremony:

Award presentations will be held on Thursday, January, 31, on the Legaltech LITE Stage

Product Innovation Finalists:

Fastcase | Booth #314
Analytics Workbench
Docket Alarm’s Analytics Workbench is a new take on legal analytics. Where the previous conception of legal analytics confined users to premade reports created and curated by the analytics provider, Analytics Workbench empowers lawyers, librarians and makers to create their own reports. Workbench allows users to use Boolean search strings to define a set of cases to analyze, and to determine what specific legal events to track. This empowers professionals to conduct analysis on state and agency courts, using any metric they choose.

Analytics Workbench is the first platform to offer user defined analytics. Other services provide pre-defined analytics, and allow users to reference and print out analytics built by others. The Analytics Workbench is the first to allow users to generate their own analytics live, using their own analysis, and apply said analytics to any court in Docket Alarm’s database, including state courts.

H5 | Booth #512
H5’s PII Identification Solution
H5’s Personally Identifiable Information (PII) Identification solution is the newest component of H5’s Matter Analytics product, a Relativity integrated application. The PII solution utilizes a combination of H5’s linguistic models, proprietary search technology, and battle tested development of pre-built supported PII types to aid legal and compliance professionals and their review teams to more quickly and accurately identify likely PII content, all within Relativity. This identification process serves to prioritize and organize review activity, and contain review costs in the event of a cyber-breach incident response or the need to target documents for the redaction of PII content.

LexisNexis | Booth #102
Context is a powerful, A.I.-enhanced solution that delivers insights on judges and expert witnesses to help attorneys best prepare, present and argue their case. With Context, you can find answers to the most important questions about your judges and expert witnesses, such as how your judge will likely rule on your motion and how often your expert has been challenged.

Only Context from LexisNexis offers powerful legal language analytics, deployed across millions of case law documents to pinpoint the specific language your judge will find persuasive. And when you know upfront what your judge wants to hear and how experts’ testimony will stand up to judicial scrutiny, you can craft the best arguments for your case.

Context is simple to use. Just start typing a judge or expert name in the Red Search Box (similar to Lexis Advance) and the word wheel offers full judge and/or expert name suggestions. Select and move directly to that entity’s Context profile. The Overview tab includes contact details as well as analytics graphics outlining cases per year, practice areas and more.

The Analytics tab for judges includes grant/deny rates for an unmatched 100 motion types, plus links to the rulings so you can review ruling language in more detail. Also find the cases and jurists your judge cites to most often and link directly to most-cited passages. The Analytics tab for Expert Witnesses shows how many challenges, the grounds for the Daubert or Frye challenge and whether the expert’s testimony was admitted, admitted in part or excluded. Also view the judges’ reasoning on the challenge, right on the same screen. And link to the judges’ fuller rationale in the rulings.

Both Judge and Expert Witness profiles include Related Materials tabs that compile all available Lexis Advance documents—across content types—on the Judge or Expert Witness for deeper research. Advanced technology recognizes and tags each judge and expert witness, yielding more precise results than a name search.

Tikit | Booth #NA
Carpe DIem Intelligent Time
Carpe Diem Intelligent Time reads natural language and turns that into a time record. The new innovation allows firm attorneys to type or dictate their entire time sheets using Natural Language Processing. Carpe Diem will analyze the info and generate the time entries accordingly. This is a huge step forward as we now have technology which can analyze unstructured data and turn it into structured data: it can turn an attorney’s thoughts into fully formed time narratives.

It does not matter how the natural language is expressed. You can type in: “Had a meeting with Clarkes about the bridge issue for an hour on Tuesday”. You can handwrite it on a screen with a stylus. Or you can dictate it out loud. It makes no difference. The big breakthrough is that attorneys no longer have to fill in fields in a structured way to capture an activity. Intelligent Time analyses the input and compiles the time record by extracting the salient elements: client, date, subject, phase, task, and duration in fact anything that is required to complete a time record.

The system can even separate out a number of records contained in one entry: “Had a meeting with Clarkes about the bridge issue for an hour on Tuesday 3rd and a second meeting with Thompsons about the same issue on Thursday 5th from 3pm to 4.30.” Two accurate time records will be created.

Does it really work? Yes, because the technology to do this exists today. And it will help attorney’s complete time records every single time, because the submission doesn’t have to be perfect. Even if all the data isn’t supplied – if say only three fields out of six are communicated – the system will still complete three fields on the attorney’s behalf – so that’s half the data that the attorney doesn’t need to add.

FRONTEO | Booth #232
Patent Explorer 19
Patent Explorer 19” is a next-generation patent search & analysis system equipped with FRONTEO’s originally developed AI engine “KIBIT.” As a strategic IP support system that provides highly-precise screening and an excellent scope of coverage for research, conventional version “Patent Explorer” has been introduced by a total of around 50 companies including manufacturers in the Chemicals & Material, Machinery, and Food & Beverage sectors.

OneTrust | Booth #226
OneTrust Privacy Management and Marketing Compliance Software
OneTrust is a comprehensive privacy management and marketing compliance platform that simplifies and automates record-keeping requirements to help organizations and law firms more efficiently and effectively demonstrate regulatory compliance.

Lex Machina | Booth #102
Lex Machina’s award-winning Legal Analytics platform allows outside counsel and in-house attorneys to predict the behavior of courts, judges, lawyers, law firms, and parties. Over half of AmLaw 200 firms and some of the largest global corporations use Legal Analytics to supplement traditional legal research and reasoning with previously unavailable strategic insights that give them a winning edge. Now, Legal Analytics is available for insurance litigation in federal courts.

The Insurance Litigation Module of Legal Analytics encompasses data on more than 93,000 cases pending in federal court since 2009 — the third-largest case set on the Legal Analytics platform. Legal Analytics provides data-driven insights and trends in insurance case timing, resolutions, damages, remedies, and findings. Lex Machina’s case set includes cases alleging breach of an insurance contract and cases seeking a determination of the rights of the parties to an insurance contract.

Product Innovation Entries:

AbacusNext | Booth #220
HotDocs Advance
HotDocs Advance is a seamless template authoring and template deployment platform. It makes it easier for template authors, template managers and end-users to easily incorporate document automation into all kinds of environments and workflows.

Cobra Legal Solutions | Booth #406
LEGALintel gives clients easy accessibility and searchability of all of their valuable legal research work product. When counsel prepares fifty state legal surveys or legal memos for their clients, this valuable work product is usually provided in Excel or Word format—searchable within the document, but not across work product, and only available to the people who hold the file. The LEGALlintel tool gives the ability to upload any kind of legal research work product and make it searchable across all pieces of work, as well as provide a web-hosted repository to allow all attorneys across your department access to the work product to avoid duplication of efforts.

Filevine | Booth #305
Periscope™ lets you track team performance on an individual level by keeping detailed logs of user activity in your organization. Combine that with powerful graphing and visualization capabilities, and you get a bird’s eye view of your team’s productivity and workflow with intuitive and refined drill-down functionality. Running a good legal practice involves answering tough questions. Those questions are too important to risk going with your gut. What you need is data – data about what your team is doing, what your team isn’t doing, and how all of those things feed or starve your practice’s bottom line.

iManage | Booth #120
IManage RAVN Extract 3.0
iManage RAVN Extract 3.0, powered by RAVN AI technology, reads, extracts and categorizes critical business information from large volumes of documents and unstructured data, all from a single user interface. With iManage RAVN Extract, organizations can typically reduce manual labor costs by 50% or more and transform unmanageable projects into streamlined and profitable processes.

iManage RAVN Extract quickly identifies the structure of a document and uses out-of-the box or self-trained extractors to accurately find and extract specific terms or clauses. Once created, these extractors can be used across multiple projects. With iManage RAVN Extract, organizations can develop multiple solutions to get more done in less time, access the value locked away inside their documents and turn money-losing tasks into profit centers.

KLDiscovery | Booth #216 & #317
Nebula is an end-to-end eDiscovery solution that facilitates smarter ways to cull, process, review and manage documents while creating substantial time and cost savings. Nebula offers comprehensive functionality and all the tools you need within one interface, so legal teams do not need to utilize standalone applications. KLDiscovery launched the current version of Nebula in April 2018.

Leaflet Corporation | Booth #500
Leaflet Intelligent Drafting Assistant, Ida
Leaflet’s Intelligent Drafting Assistant, Ida, helps lawyers and contract managers deliver more responsive service, faster, and at a lower cost. Ida lets you leverage your institutional knowledge to comply with your organization’s goals and policies by classifying clause language from a multitude of previously completed deals, and using that clause library to suggest an appropriate clause for your current drafting needs.

Litexn | Booth #334

QuikRedact is a revolutionary automatic image redaction software built with AI and advanced technology to reduce time and cost of document review, QC, and production.

QuikRedact is lightning fast and accurate, applying millions of redactions across millions of images in just an hour, cutting the time to accomplish the task by 90%. Let’s put this in perspective. QuikRedact can apply more redactions in an hour than a reviewer can manually apply in an entire year! And it is far more accurate compared to the manual redactions.

The review project team may have to search and redact tens of thousands of different complex search terms like addresses, names, companies, email addresses etc. or patterns like SSN, bank card numbers etc. across millions of images. QuikRedact saves time and money by doing it in hours, not days, even if there are millions of redactions.

Skopenow | Booth #2105
Skopenow is an analytical search engine that uses open source data for detecting fraud and automating evidence discovery.

UnitedLex | Booth #2000
UnitedLex Enterprise Legal Services Platform
UnitedLex is a global enterprise legal services provider that is reinventing the legal industry and long-standing law department and law firm business models. Our enterprise legal services platform drives the transformation of the entire legal ecosystem.

Apricorn | Booth #434
Aegis Secure Key 3nx
The Aegis Secure Key 3NX is the next generation of 256-bit AES XTS encrypted flashkey from Apricorn. All data is encrypted on the fly as it’s being written to the drive and remains encrypted while the drive is at rest. All internal components are protected from physical tampering with a layer of hardened epoxy (coating). Locked-down firmware cannot be further modified and brings immunity to malware attacks such as BadUSB. The 3NX is FIPS 140-2 Level 3 validated, (pending Q4 2018) which is NIST’s highest rating achievable for a portable drive, making the 3NX ideal for government and legal firms whose data demands the utmost protection.

Designed for high volume corporate deployments, the Aegis Secure Key 3NX has the same comprehensive feature set as the Secure Key 3z such as Forced Enrollment, two read-only modes, data recovery PINs, separate Admin and User modes, and like all Apricorn devices, is software-free and shares no critical security parameters with its host. The next iteration of this award-winning product family includes added security features as well, such as PIN Guard which defends against battery drain during inadvertent continuous button press and the ability to configure the device as either fixed disk or removable media format. Other standard features include onboard keypad authentication, 256-bit AES XTS hardware encryption, complete cross-platform compatibility, 2 read-only options, separate admin and user access, data recovery PINs, programmable PIN lengths, and Aegis Configurator compatibility. Apricorn developed the Aegis Secure Key 3NX family in response to the ever-increasing demand for low cost, small form-factor encrypted storage devices generated by the growing myriad of data privacy regulations. The Aegis Secure Key 3NX brings the next generation of security features with up to 25% cooler operating temperatures and is available in a broader range of capacities than its previous version, from 2GB to 128GB.

Consilio | Booth #112 & #114
Advanced Message Review (AMR)
Advanced Message Review (AMR) converts mobile device images into a format that can be easily understood, searched, analyzed and reviewed: Normalizes texts and chats from multiple sources and formats, including Facebook Messenger, Skype, WhatsApp, Snapchat.

Hanzo | Booth #2301
Hanzo Investigator for eDiscovery
Hanzo Investigator ™ for eDiscovery takes what is typically a slow and manual pursuit, and automates it—standardizing the investigation process so that it’s efficient, consistent, and defensible. Hanzo’s solution improves social me.

Inovitech| Booth #333

Inovitech, LLC
IS-A-TASK Portal Assistant and IS-A-TASK Help Assistant
Inovitech is announcing two new product enhancements at LegalTech New York 2019. The two offerings — IS-A-TASK Portal Assistant and IS-A-TASK Help Assistant — complement Inovitech’s IS-A-TASK Legal Project Management Platform.

Knovos | Booth #212
eZManage is an advanced, adaptable project management and business intelligence solution that delivers intuitive task automation, robust resource allocation and management, and extensive communication features.

MItratech | Booth #100
TeamConnect TAP Integration
With the addition of ThinkSmart and the ThinkSmart Automation Platform (TAP), Mitratech’s TeamConnect platform can now bring people, processes, and information together like never before, by leveraging TAP’s easy-to-use workflow automation engine to extend TeamConnect’s reach across the entire enterprise.

Trusted Data Solutions | Booth #1108
Trusted Data Solutions Evolve technology is an intuitive Windows-based application that enables you to seamlessly, securely and transparently migrate legacy email archives from any source to any destination with trust. Our proprietary technology was designed so that the data is migrated in one step by way of connectors, ensuring optimum performance, total reliability and no down-time. Evolve maintains a complete audit of all data transfers and generates detailed reports to ensure chain-of-custody for each individual item migrated. So you can mitigate risk, ensure success, while migrating with trust.

Verificient Technologies | Booth #2211 and
RemoteDesk™ empowers law firms to obtain full transparency compliance, billable hours and accountability of their work-at-home legal contractors.